Suite Rentals

Luxury Suites

Don’t miss the opportunity to host clients, reward top employees, or celebrate with friends and family in style and comfort in a luxury suite.

Private VIP suites for you and your guests include:

  • 10 VIP suite tickets (up to 2 additional tickets may be purchased)
  • 3 VIP parking passes
  • Closed circuit TV and cable
  • In suite food and beverage attendant

Suite Leases

  • Leases on a 3, 5, or 7 year term
  • Entertain business associates, important clients or prospective ones
  • Offer special evenings as incentives to your sales force
  • Arrange catered celebrations
  • Reward top performers in your company with tickets and suite privileges
  • Luxury Suites are available with 10 seats
  • Only 1 suites are currently available
  • 10 VIP suite tickets (up to 2 additional tickets may be purchased)
  • 3 VIP parking passes
  • Closed circuit TV
  • In suite food and beverage attendant

Concerts and Event Suite Ticket fees vary depending on the event.

Concert tickets are charged in addition to the suite lease for Executive leases. If a Founders package is purchased 10 tickets are included for all ticketed events.

Suite Rentals

The Encana Events Centre has Party Suites available for rental on a single event basis for larger groups of 10 to 20 guests. 

For more information, Contact:

Jerimy Earl, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Phone: 250-795-3308



  • If you have any special requirements for the occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, Stagette) please contact Jerimy Earl, at (250) 219-0482 in advance to see what the Encana Events Centre can do to help.
  • Have one person, preferably the suite renter, keep all tickets in hand as long as possible leading up to an event, this helps to prevent lost and misplaced tickets.
  • Ask Jerimy Earl, our Director of Corporate Partnerships to show you the wall of guitars, it’s awesome.
  • Keep all food and drinks inside the suite. This includes not resting them on the outer ledge or holding your drink over the edge.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the event well in advance to avoid confusion. Even better, contact HOS Charters, the Official Ground Transport of the Encana Events Centre at: (250) 219-2247 to find out you can ride to the event in convenience and style.
  • Last call is approximately 15 minutes after the main act begins and is always specified in advance. This is a condition of our liquor license and not something that can be negotiated with your server or anyone else.
  • For most events, you are able to stay in your suite for up to 45 minutes following the end of the show to continue entertaining.
  • Take advantage of pre-orders, offered by our Ovations General Manager, Alisha Patterson to have your food and beverage ready to go when you arrive. She can be reached at: (250) 795-3318, or [email protected].
  • Put a credit card on file, or communicate with your server well in advance who is responsible for which charges at the beginning of the evening, to avoid any confusion and miscommunication when it’s time to settle the bill at the end of the night.
  • The smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes and illegal drug use of any kind is prohibited inside the building.
  • Be advised that for most events, the VIP entrance is available to suite patrons and clearly marked right beside the main entrance for general admissions. Your ticket, designating you’re in suites is all that’s required to enter this line up.
  • All alcohol not consumed during the event will be available to be picked up by the suite renter as early as the next day.
  • If you have a guest under the age of 19 in your suite, you are responsible for ensuring they don’t consume alcohol. If they are caught, they and any identifiable enablers will be ejected from the facility and alcohol service will be discontinued to the suite for the rest of the event.


If you have any questions or concerns about our policies you’d like to discuss, please ask for, or contact:

Jerimy Earl, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Phone: 250.219.0482  Email: [email protected]


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