Love your outfit! Can I have it?

What's old is new again when you participate in a clothing swap event!

Published: Apr 15, 2019

Spark Joy.pngHave you been bitten by the spring cleaning bug and have spent hours purging your closet? Did you binge-watch the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix and now find yourself hugging pieces of your clothing hoping that they will bring you joy? Do you still hang onto those 'too-small' but fabulous dress pants from two years ago because you are certain you will be able to wear them again....someday?

Personally, I can answer yes to two out of the three questions and I am struggling with what to do with some of my clothing! There are even a few items that still have tags on them that I have never even worn (I swore I would never be that girl, but.....I am). For instance, there is a dress that I purchased on a whim while on vacation that has never seen the light of day. It did fit me (kind of), but when I saw that I would have to hem it to make it wearable, it was relegated to the 'someday I will take this to Mom to hem' pile. Another item hidden in the deep cavern of my closet is a  lovely cape that I imagined would make me look like someone out of Vogue. Guess didn't. The time I spent disengaging the long fringes from my seatbelt buckle are moments that I will never, ever get back.

I decided that I really need to break up with some of my clothing, but BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO......

I need support of my friends: Like-minded women who are also struggling with an over-abundance of pre-loved clothing. Honestly.....we just want our favourite skirt that we wore only once to go to a good home! *sniff*

Fortunately I work at the Encana Events Centre and as Manager of Special Events, I CAN invite like-minded women to join me and participate in the SPRING WOMEN'S CLOTHING SWAP EVENT!

When? Saturday April 27th
Where? The upper lobby of the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek
Who? Whoever wants to participate!

Participants can bring up to 20 items to donate to the swap. The details regarding acceptable items is listed on the webpage here. Think gently pre-loved clothing....freshly laundered, no stains, rips or tears. If it has sat in the bottom of a green garbage bag for the past year because you were gonna "take it to the consignment shop when you had a minute", then perhaps it needs a wee bit of freshening up before you bring it to the swap. I say this as I think about my own green garbage bag full of clothing that has been sitting in my laundry room since last spring. Note to self.....go through it and give it a good launder before I forget. Oh...and don't forget to give it an iron or a steam before you bring it down for the swap. What kind of witchcraft is THAT_.pngI know irons can be seen as those old fashioned gadgets and not something that everyone owns anymore so sometimes even just hanging it to dry or tumbling on cool with a dampened cloth will get the wrinkles out.

How do you know what to bring? Well....remember that items are exchanged one for one meaning that the lovely leather jacket you decided to donate can be snapped up by someone for just one token. If that makes you cringe, then perhaps that jacket should go to the consignment store or continue to hang in your closet for another year.

Everything left over will go to a non profit so no takesy-backsy at the end of the night.

PLUS...any unused tokens can be exchanged for a ticket to enter a draw for upcoming events!

So....have I piqued your interest? Are you going to join me at the clothing swap?

A special shout out to the team from the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation who are supplying the people-power to assist us in managing this event. They will be the recipient of the revenue from the purchased tokens.



Judy Kucharuk
Manager, Special Events
Encana Events Centre


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