Presented by the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association

APRIL 22ND AND 23RD, 2022
Doors at 6pm | Rodeo at 7pm


The Dawson Creek Exhibition Association is bringing Pro Rodeo BACK to the Ovintiv Events Centre, April 21st & 22nd 2023.

We are excited to bring you some of the top Pro competitors for a dual-sanctioned CPRA/PRCA event. 9 events -Saddle Bronc, Bareback, Bull Riding, Junior Steer Riders, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Tie Down Roping & Breakaway Roping. With bucking stock being provided by the famous Calgary Stampede Ranch it’s bound to be “Wilder than any 8-second ride”!

Following the rodeo Canadian country recording artist CRAIG MORITZ will be headlining the Post Rodeo Dance in Co-op Mercer Hall. Tickets for the Post Rodeo Dance with Craig Moritz will be available on each day of rodeo action at the Ovintiv Events Centre Box Office and are priced at $10.00 each. Dance tickets are not available in advance or online.

There will also be a Junior Rodeo at 10 am on Friday. Age groups – 12 and under (NO Leadline) and  13-18 years. Both groups will include Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Steer Riding, Pole Bending, and Goat Tying. Contact the DCEA office to enter.

Tickets to the rodeo may be purchased online at www.dawsoncreekeventscentre.com by phone at 250-782-7443, in person at the Box Office inside the main lobby of the Ovintiv Events Centre.

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Rodeo Events:

SADDLE BRONC RIDING: The event of bronc riding has evolved from the work of an early-day cowboy, breaking a horse to use on the ranch.  Today’s bucking horse is a natural bucker, usually bred to do this job only!

In saddle bronc, the cowboy has a buck rein and a hornless saddle.  With toes turned out in the stirrups, the cowboy spurs with a rhythmic motion from the shoulders of the bronc, to the back of the saddle. Recognized as the classic event of rodeo, it is beautiful sight to watch but perhaps the most difficult to master.

TIE DOWN ROPING: As the cowboy nods for his calf, his horse must wait behind a score line till the calf passes.  The horse then leaves at adjusted speed, stops on cue as the roper catches the calf, and must work the rope as the cowboy ties any three legs of the calf.  Calf roping is a timed event in which many variables can lead to an outstanding run or a “speed jam.” A highly trained horse, one which is able to run and stop, a good draw (calf), and a little good luck can turn this into one of the most pleasurable events of rodeo to watch.

BAREBACK RIDING: Bareback riding may be the toughest event on a cowboy’s body.  As he jams his “riding arm” into a leather rigging (suitcase-like handle) he asks his body to perform some hard tasks.  He needs to spur in time with the horse and have complete control of his body.  Timing and strength are vital in maintaining control.  The more gyration the better the score, but the torque the riding arm takes is unbelievable.  The rider is judged on the skillful manner in which he achieves the ride, on the amount of spurring, and on the roughness and wildness of the horse.

BULL RIDING: The element of danger plays an important part to the concept of bull riding.  This alone perhaps makes this the most exciting event to the spectator.

The rider slips his hand into a splint in the rope which fits snugly round the bull, right behind the bull’s shoulder.  To qualify, the cowboy must stay on 8 seconds, careful to keep his free hand in the air.

Today’s bull rider is a trained athlete, known mostly for his balance and gymnastic ability needed for success and survival.

STEER WRESTLING: Of all the events in rodeo, it is said that steer wrestling offers the greatest amount of eye appeal to the spectator. It is a display of strength and an exhibition of finesse and skill.

With the aid of a hazer, the contestant jumps from a horse running around 30 m.p.h., reaches for the steer’s sharp horns, slides him to a stop and lays him to the ground.  It is a controversy among many as to which is most important: timing, strength, or leverage.  Can you decide?

LADIES BARREL RACING: This event features pretty girls & fast horses. Together they will compete in the rodeo arena running at barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.  Riders have the option of beginning with either left or right barrel – whichever they choose.  A 5-second penalty is assessed for knocking down a barrel.  Total disqualification is assessed for breaking the cloverleaf pattern.  Barrel racing is a timed event and the winner consists of the fastest ride/horse combination that is penalty-free.  Running quarter horses are preferred.

TEAM ROPING: The header ropes first, and must make the catch on the steer’s head – around both horns, around one horn and the head or around the neck.  Any other catch by the header is considered illegal and the team is disqualified.  After the header makes his catch, he turns the steer to the left and exposes the steer’s hind legs to the heeler, the heeler then attempts to rope both hind legs.  If he catches only one foot, the team is assessed a five-second penalty. After the cowboys catch the steer, the clock is stopped where there is no slack in their rope and their horses face one another.

BOYS STEER RIDING: Must enter through Canadian Professional Rodeo Assoc. And have an amateur card with CPRA. Open to boys age 12 – 14 yrs. 

Tickets may be purchased online at dawsoncreekeventscentre.ca, by phone at 250-782-7443, in person at the Box Office locations in the Ovintiv Events Centre.



Presented by the Dawson Creek Exhibition Association

  • Apr 21 - 22, 2023
  • Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
  • Tickets to the rodeo may be purchased online at www.dawsoncreekeventscentre.com by phone at 250-782-7443, and in person at the Box Office location at the Ovintiv Events Centre in Dawson Creek. Tickets to the Post Rodeo Dance are not available in advance or online. Only available day of show at the Ovintiv Events Centre Box Office.

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