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Buy your tickets from the source!

Published: Jul 30, 2018

Ticketmaster came out with a video to showcase that buying unverified tickets can cause trouble into getting into an event.  We like the message so we thought we would share the video and some tips from our Box Office on what you can do to ensure you are buying from the source!


The moral of the story is, you wouldn't buy airline tickets from an unverified source so why buy tickets like this for live events.

When we announce events here at the Encana Events Centre, we work tirelessly to ensure there are safeguards in place.  These can be such things as ticket limits so you can only buy certain amount of tickets, delaying sending the tickets so that any third party site or scalper is not able to sell the tickets in time for the event and delaying print at home tickets so that copies of them aren't sent out to multiple people which then won't allow them entry into the venue.

We recommend when purchasing tickets for our events that you use the 3 main ways to purchase tickets from us.  Those include:

​Sometimes, the artist or the promoter will sell tickets.  When this happens, we usually will inform our fans of that.  For some shows like Thomas Rhett, you can also purchase from www.livenation.com - we made sure to let you know that in the event details and online via social media.

If its an artist you truly love, check out their fan site.  Some artists have FREE or PAID fan clubs and most of the time, they will have a pre-sale or a VIP sale where they offer things like meet & greets or merchandise.  Always check to ensure you are on the artist's site to ensure its the real deal..

Other tips include:

  • Is the event sold out? Check back often as sometimes new ticket inventory becomes available.  Often times, tickets are available right before the event.
  • Make sure you trust the website.  Some brokers will even create websites to look like the box office, and the URL can be so similar that they make you feel like you’re purchasing directly from the source.  You can always contact us to help you purchase your tickets.  
  • Do NOT take pictures of your tickets and post them to Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.  Some people can use these to their advantage to make fake copies.

Here is another video to watch from ABC News on fake tickets...


Please contact us if you have any questions..  We want you to enjoy our events and for the right price!


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